Why Are There Restrictions On What I Can Put In A Skip?

You may be about to undergo a big clearout, renovation or you may be a business in the construction industry that is regularly left with a large amount of waste. We know that skip hire can be a great tool for anyone who wants to get rid of their rubbish. We try our best to ensure all of your waste is disposed of, however, there are certain items we can’t accept. The main reason for this is safety, usually, these items pose a threat to our skip operators. The list featured on this page is a simplified version of the full list you can find on our terms of business page.

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Our Restrictions List

All companies set their regulations and restrictions, so it’s always good to double-check with your skip provider about their guidelines. If you’re unable to follow these restrictions, legal action can be taken. Here are our waste restrictions:

Used paint tins, fuels and solvents.

Solvents i.e Paint and Fuel

I think most people would know that these cannot be put into a skip, they are all dangerous and can combust easily. This could result in chemical burns and other injuries to yourself or employees that come into contact with the items. They should be taken to a specialist centre to be disposed off in the correct manner.

Medical waste, used syringes and medicine bottles

Medical Waste

This may include needles, bandages, any bodily fluids and/or materials from a human body and any other material that could be infected with any illness and risk the health of others. We cannot accept these items in the skip for the safety of others and to keep everyone protected from possible infections. If you would like some extra information about disposing of medical waste or information as to why it is harmful then please visit the Department of Health.

pile of used batteries


Most batteries contain lead and other dangerous substances, therefore, they are unsafe to dispose of in a skip. They become harmful when they leak which is why we ask you not to put them into your hired skip. They may be able to harm the people disposing of your waste once it leaves your possession . You can place them into a battery bin, another option for smaller household batteries is to be taken to most high street stores to be recycled properly.

Electrical appliances

Electrical items

Electrical appliances are amongst the most common prohibited rubbish we see in skips, if you are debating whether you can put something in the skip, the rule of thumb is not if it needs to be plugged in or have batteries to run. You can find your local recycling centre here for all of your electrical needs.

Skip With a Mattress


Yes, you can place a mattress in a skip, however, we do apply an extra charge of £45/50 + VAT per unit. Please inform us before you put them into the skip so we can arrange correct disposal for you.

Old asbestos requiring disposal


Asbestos is a very dangerous substance, it should be handled with extreme care, preferably, by somebody with experience and appropriate equipment. If you need to dispose of asbestos please contact us so we can help arrange a skip that can safely contain the hazardous material. You can find more information on asbestos and its dangers on our article.

Stack of old gas cylinders for recycling

Gas Cylinders

All gas cylinders will have remnants of gas in, even if you think they are empty. It is well known that gas is combustible which is why it’s so dangerous to put them in a skip. It could cause serious harm to anyone in contact with the skip. To dispose of them correctly, you can contact a specialist in gas disposal or contact the manufacturer for further instructions.

Plasterboard Waste


We know that plasterboard is found within the construction industry, however, it can produce toxic fumes if it gets mixed with bio-degradable substances. For this reason, we can only accept up to 2 bags of plasterboard that need to placed on top of the skip. If you have a bigger quantity please contact us and we can arrange a plasterboard only skip. If you continue to use a regular skip and plasterboard is found within it, you can be charged a sorting fee which will cost 50% of your hire fee.

Glass Waste


As we all know, glass is very fragile and breaks into very sharp pieces, we like to eliminate the chances of workers being injured by shards of glass. We can do that by only allowing a small quantity of glass into a general mixed waste skip. If you have a large amount of glass to throw away, you may be better off hiring a glass-only skip, please give us a call on 01452 473027 to arrange this.

pile of used tyres for disposal

Tyres & Other Prohibited Items

If you have any rubber items to dispose of, such as tyres, we may be able to help you for an extra fee. For any other items that you are unsure of putting in the skip, please contact us for clarification or check with your local council for their guidelines.

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