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Our Best Advice For Your Skip Hire

Whether it’s your first time hiring a skip or you do it regularly for business, we are here to give you some advice to ensure you have an efficient and easy experience. Our friendly customer service team and our fast delivery should help you have a positive view on skip hire.

Choose The Right Size

One of the biggest issues we come across with our customers is hiring the wrong size skip. The majority of the time they are too small for the customers needs, therefore, they either have to exchange to a bigger one or try their best to over fill it. Sometimes they do that by using boards up the sizes in order to stop waste spilling over, in these cases the skip isn’t safe to transport. To avoid wasted journey charges and an overfilled skip, take a look at our size guide for an estimated amount of waste to fill each available skip size. If you’re in doubt on which size skip is appropriate for you, always choose the bigger one. For any more advice on skip size, please contact us.

Choose Delivery Location

Before ordering your skip we encourage you to make sure you have enough room for a skip to be placed on your drive or private land. If you do not have anywhere for a skip you may be able to use the public road with a permit from your local council. You will have to make sure you have a minimum of 3 meters clearance distance and enough room for the truck to reverse in without being at an angle.

Licensed Companies

Make sure to do your research on the skip companies near your local area. To dispose of waste properly skip companies should hold a waste carrier licence. When they don’t have a licence, the rubbish is usually fly-tipped or all sent to landfill which isn’t the best option for the environment. If you want to check if the company you’re using has a Waste Carriers License you can search the company’s name here.

Heavy Loads

Most skips can allow a small amount of soil and rubble, however, they can’t allow a large quantity due to how heavy and dense it is. This can’t be loaded back onto the truck for collection as it is dangerous being so heavy. If this happens you’ll be charged for the wasted journey and you’ll have to empty the excess waste out before the collection is attempted again.

These tips can help you plan for a skip delivery, making sure you choose the right size and have appropriate space. If you follow these you should have an easy delivery and collection. Give our excellent customer service team a call or fill out our online form with any questions you have regarding skip hire.

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