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Our Top Tips For Recycling

If you’re in the UK, chances are your household waste will be collected regularly by your local council. You should have an allocated bin for recycling, separate from your general waste. Here are some tips to help you improve your recycling ability.

Check The Packaging

The best way to increase your recycling would be to look out for the recycling stamp on the packaging. This generally shows if the item is recyclable or if it is only to be placed in general waste. If you’re ever in doubt definitely use this tip!

Squash It

Anything you’re putting in your recycling bin should be made from plastics or metals. Make sure that you are flattening any items that you can, such as plastic bottles and cardboard boxes. This will give you more room for additional recyclable objects.

Re-use When You Can

Any items you can use more than once, make sure to save them and use them again! Some examples are plastic bottles, can be refilled and kept in the fridge, boxes can sometimes be re-used to store different products.

Make Sure Its Empty

When you’re finished with your jar, bottle or other food container. Make sure that it is full emptied, has been cleaned and dried. This ensures that the material can safely be used again.

Don’t Include Non-Recyclable Items

A lot of people place items they hope will get past restrictions within their recycling bin. When you do this, you contaminate the entire load of waste, which means it will all end up in landfill. I’m sure nobody needs to be told how bad that is for the environment!

Overall, people who want to help the environment will be extra conscious of what they’re putting in their bins. If you follow these tips you can make the most of the space you have in your bin. If you don’t know if an item can be put in a recycling bin, always check for the symbol and disposal instructions. For any questions you can’t find the answers to, please contact your local council to find their guidelines.

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